What is the return and exchange policy ?

You can receive a full refund within 14 days of purchase. Items must have tag still attached and in condition received, meaning, not washed nor worn. 


Do you ship internationally? 
Yes! However, shipping rates will apply. We do not offer free shipping to international customers at this time.


Do you restock on the same items? 
We restock on highest selling items if they are still available through our vendors.


Do you have a store or is it just online?

As of right now the boutique is just online. The first store launch will be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Subscribe to our social media pages and newsletters to be notified of dates!


Do you have brand ambassadors? 
Yes! To apply to be a brand ambassador contact us at shopfringemiami@gmail.com  

For more information, click on our Collaborations link on the bottom of our site.